Art Glass Paperweights
by Robin Lehman

Over ten years ago, Robin Lehman was invited to the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass where he videoed his young children working with the renowned Venetian classical furnace master, William Gudenrath. He was quickly seduced by the wonderful orange glow and unique properties of hot glass. Over several years, he videoed many of the most gifted glass artists who taught at Corning, recently completing five videos for the Corning Museum of Glass.

It was not long before Robin caught the glass bug himself and started taking classes with many of the celebrated visiting glass masters he had previously filmed. He now spends most of his time experimenting and working with hot glass in his Rochester, New York, workshop.

Robin combines lampworking and casting techniques to produce unique lead crystal paperweights with very small but highly detailed and refined creatures and objects inside. Robin’s love of nature, the oceans and art is readily apparent in most of the glass objects he produces.