A Mythical Feast

A Mythical Feast

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A Mythical Feast

by Angela Lorenz, Illustrations by Angela Lorenz and Emilia Figliomeni

With lavish testimonials from Alice Waters and food writers worldwide, this book about Gelateria Il Gelatauro’s first 20 years will make you crave a visit to Bologna, Italy. Lushly printed on acid- free paper in Verona, A Mythical Feast is a kaleidoscope of sweets past and present, taking inspiration from a 1911 manual by Giuseppe Grifoni, who had a 19th c shop in Bologna, and serves as Gelatauro’s mentor. The volume is a love letter from visual artist Angela Lorenz to Italy, gelato, and her husband Giovanni Figliomeni, owner of the renowned gelato shop. The illustrations are also fruit of visual artist and filmmaker Emilia Figliomeni, who had a seat at the tables of Gelatauro from its inception. More than just a vivid record of flavors and ingredients, A Mythical Feast proffers expat adventures in local cuisine and community food-art projects in Gelatauro’s Bologna neighborhood. It also addresses ways for the public to assess the quality and ingredients of gelato.

Gelatauro is so much more than an ice-cream shop. It is a love story between the finest Italian ingredients and artisanal craftsmanship. Gianni Figliomeni is not only a master gelataio but a fearless innovator of memorable flavors.
- Lara Gilmore, Osteria Francescana, Modena

Just a short walk from the center of Bologna is where you’ll find Il Gelatauro, where Gianni Figliomeni makes what many consider the best gelato in Italy. Although I think the cookies deserve an award as well.
- David Lebovitz, “Molto Gelato in Bologna” www.davidlebovitz.com

I’m crazy about the gelato and pastries at Gelatauro...The shop’s decor is also a feast for the eyes: The inventive chocolate displays and watercolor fruit mosaics are a sheer delight."
- Faith Willinger, Bon Appetit, “Hitting a Gelato Bull’s Eye”

Gianni Figliomeni lavishes such painstaking care on each recipe, the textures are dense yet light and smooth, the flavors bright and pure. He sources fruit with an almost maniacal obsession for the very best, and creates sorbets with so much love and understanding it makes me jealous. After eating his peach sorbet, to bite into any actual peach, even the ripest and juiciest one in the world, would be a disappointment.
- The Times of London, “30 Things To Eat Before You Die”
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